Michael's Homepage

This webpage is is for my GITA class 9th grade.
I'm learning HTML and C#. C# makes windows apps.
HTML makes webpages, like this one.

Goodbye Program

This program shows how to say goodbye in a couple different languages.

Help Page

Help page for a fictional company.

Mailing Label

Input based mailing label generator.

BMI Index

Calculates your BMI based on certain factors.

Car Rental

Simulates a car rental store.

Car Rental 2

Simulates a car rental store, with more advanced options.

Test Grader

Grades your tests and compares them.

Dice Roller

Rolls dice.


Lets you play the gamble game craps.


Lets you gamble some more with a slot machine.

T-Shirt Program

This program simulates a t-shirt store with various selling options and manager functions.

NCAA Finalists

This program will show you College Football game info.

Aquarium 1

This program has a fish simulate swimming in an aquarium.

Aquarium 2

This program has a fish simulate swimming in an aquarium, with a shark chasing after it.


This program does some fun mathematical calculations.


Very barebones TicTacToe game. Tells you the upcoming turn and detects the 3 outcomes.


Run away from the alien ship and try not to die! Press space to fire!


Space invaders! Kill them before they reach you!


FINAL GITA PROJECT! It's a nice little Cannons game with aliens and bullets and stuff. Check it out!